Iceland is offering Birmingham pensioners £30 discount vouchers - how to get one, who is eligible

Iceland is offering Birmingham pensioners £30 discount vouchers - how to get one, who is eligible

Supermarket chain Iceland has started a new campaign offering £30 vouchers to Birmingham pensioners to help with the rising cost of living.

The Summer Cheer campaign, which is a collaboration with The Rothesay Foundation, will run until 16 September 2022 and aims to help pensioners with their food and essential purchases.

Around 1.7 million, or 15%, of all UK pensioners were living in poverty in 2020 and 2021. And with the cost of living crisis currently sweeping across the country, that number is set to rise. The Rothesay Foundation and Iceland are aiming to ease the pressure on over 40.000 of UK’s senior citizens, with Birmingham being  one of 17 areas targeted.

The new campaign can be used in conjunction with the already existing 10% off every Tuesday for over 60’s discount that has been in place since May 2022.

Who in Birmingham is eligible for the £30 Iceland voucher?

High inflation means consumers are likely to spend less money on products and services they don’t deem to be essential (image: Getty Images)

Birmingham pensioners who are living independently or with a carer and that rely solely on state pensions and benefits can claim Iceland’s £30 voucher for groceries and other essentials.

Addy Loudiadis, of the Rothesay Foundation, said: “We hope our vouchers will provide a small amount of relief to the growing number of older people living in real financial difficulty in the UK. Going forward, we are committed to working with brilliant partners like Iceland and Age UK to help as many pensioners as possible get access to their full benefit allowances”.

The offer has been available since August 1 2022 and will continue until September 16 2022.

How do I get the £30 Iceland voucher?

Consumers already have reduced spending power as a result of high inflation (image: Getty Images)

Anyone in Birmingham who is eligible for the £30 Summer Cheer voucher can access it from their local Iceland store. They can also call the Summer Cheer hotline on 0800 098 7877 between 9am and pm, Monday to Friday.

Richard Walker, Managing Director of Iceland Foods, said: “Since the launch of the partnership last Christmas, the cost-of-living crisis has taken hold of the UK, and now more than ever, people are struggling to access the food they need. No one should ever have to worry about how they are going to eat or drink, and we hope that the support we can offer across the UK will help pensioners access and enjoy a worry-free meal during this difficult time.”